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Souvenir to take home from Kashmir Holidays
The gorgeous place of Kashmir is one of the best places on earth to go for a holiday. Its heavenly beauty, magical charm, soothing atmosphere and pleasant climate will relax your soul and senses. You will have one of the best holidays of your life in Kashmir. While holidaying in Kashmir there is so much to see, do and experience. Not only that you can get for yourself some great souvenirs to take home from Kashmir Holidays. Some of the souvenirs that you can buy in this gorgeous valley are different kinds of woolen clothes, locally made wooden handicrafts which shows the mastery of the craftsmen, saffron which is exclusively grown out here, shatoosh and superior quality pashmina shawls, handmade carpets, paper artifacts, different wooden furniture and artifacts made from walnut wood, Kashmiri Cewelwork, the local honey, pherans, brass and copper items, silverware, different kinds of dry fruits like almonds, walnuts etc. 

Kashmiri Carpets

The carpets you get in Kashmir are some of the best available in the market. They can cost as high as Rs 5000 per piece and most of them are hand woven, which is their specialty. These are some of the specialties of Kashmir, without which you cannot return back from your Kashmir holidays. They are a must to purchase as it will remind you of your memorable trip to this heaven of earth. These products are famous not only in India but all over the world. It’s a trademark of this place.
A Kashmiri Textile Shop

These souvenirs are available everywhere in the state. You can find them in shops, in mobile stalls, in places of sightseeing and everywhere you go. You wouldn’t have to struggle hard to get them. You can buy them for yourself or take it as gift for your friends and family back home. In places like Ladakh you can expect to find a lot of Buddhist handcrafts like prayer wheels, masks, thangka paintings, traditional attires, traditional dongra jewelry, etc. They can be a great purchase and an investment in itself. You will get back full worth of your money and will never forget your memorable trip to this place.
woolen clothes

Kashmir is not only famous for its unparallel natural beauty, but the artistic hands and the innovative creativity of the Kashmiri people offer you so many wonderful  handicrafts to take home as souvenir of Kashmir tour – the paradise on Earth.

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