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Kashmir Mountaineering
Kashmir is one of the busiest tourist
destinations in India. It is renowned for its natural beauty. It offers plenty of avenues of charming flavour. With that it offers some for those who are adventurist minded. One of the options is mountaineering. Nowadays, a very popular activity of adventure in Jammu and Kashmir is mountain climbing. Kashmir, Zanskar, Kishtwar and Ladakh form the four important mountaineering zones in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Into two categories- namely Alpine and Himalayan - can the mountains in Kashmir be categorised. It is a very stimulating experience to climb these mountains which are part of Himalayas. Typically the duration required for an expedition may be one month. These peaks are abundant in flora and fauna. Standing on the summits of most peaks gives an exhilarating experience. From the top of them, glimpses of neighbouring countries of Pakistan and Tibet. 

Mountaineering Expeditions in Kashmir

There are the lesser peaks of Kolahoi and Harmukh that are situated of Sonamarg. Kolahai is five thousand four hundred and twenty five meters high and Harmukh stands at five thousand one hundred and forty eight meters height. One can get quickly to these peaks making an alpine ascent. The peaks in the Kishtwar region are also not too high but offer technically difficult climbing with many faces and ridges that are challenging. Some peaks in this region are still virgin. The peaks of this region which are more popular are Sickle Moon which stands at six thousand five hundred and seventy five metres, Riger which stands at one metre more than six thousand metres, Brammah First with a height of six thousand four hundred and sixteen metres, Crooked Finger of five thousand six hundred and thirty metres, Arjuna with a height of six thousand two hundred and thirty, Katori which is six thousand one hundred and thirty eight metres high and Flat Top with a height of six thousand and a hundred metres.

Z-1 (peaks of nun kun) 

 The famous peaks of Nun which stands at seven thousand one hundred and thirty five metres and Kun which has a height of seven thousand and seventy seven metres are in the Zanskar region. Situated around them are peaks of White Needle, Pinacle and Z-1. The height of White Needle is six thousand and five hundred metres that of Pinacle is seventy metres less than seven thousand metres and Z-1 stands at six thousand and four hundred metres. Situated at the head of the Shafat glacier are these peaks.
Durung Durung glacier
 Also clustering around the Durung Durung glacier which is visible from Pensita is the ‘Z’series. Stok Kangri, Parcha Kangri and Kanglcha are the prominent peaks of Ladakh region. Stok Kangri stands at a height of six thousand one hundred and fifty three metres, Parcha Kangri at a height of six thousand and sixty five metres and Kanglcha is hundred metres less than six thousand and five hundred metres. Peaks in the restricted area of the Nubra Valley in the Indian Karakorams have also been opened to foreigners and Indians, more recently. 

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