Photography in Kashmir

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Kashmir is undoubtedly one
of the most beautiful places on earth, and the best way to capture and immortalize its beauty is through photography. Photographs are everlasting witnesses and evidences that will help preserve the beauty and essence of any place. Photography in Kashmir is one of the most wonderful experiences that one can have. The surrounding heavenly beauty of the place will melt your heart and magnify your senses so that they are able to soak in all the charm and magic. The glittering snow capped mountains, breathtakingly beautiful valleys, playful rivers and streams, friendly people in their traditional attire and just the simple charm that surrounds the place is best captured in the photographs. Earth’s geography and physical conditions keeps changing. What was once a beautiful and lively valley may tomorrow be converted into a barren desert. Before that happens we need to immortalise the beauty of that place through photographs.

Photography in Kashmir is mostly popular due to its snow capped landscapes and beautiful mountains. However it can be equally tricky and challenging to take photos of snow capped places as it becomes challenging to adjust the lights that not only comes from the sun but also due to reflection from the snow. These days we can find many cameras that have been modified for such settings where we can find a snow or winter settings, especially designed to take pictures on such conditions. However this option may not always be available and restricts the creativity of the photographer. The photographer needs to be extra smart and experienced to be able to play with such situations and bring out the magic in his or her pictures. For photography during cloudy days the cameras are modified and adjusted to take perfect pictures without compromising the quality or originality of the scene. One can play around with various settings of the camera to adjust it according to the setting and take marvellous pictures, that would immortalise the time and space in the photos. 

There are various beautiful locations for taking pictures in Kashmir like the valleys, the mountainous slopes, the mesmerizing lakes, the simple villages and their inhabitants etc. But the most important attraction still remains the snow capped mountains. To get perfect picture in these areas one can adjust the white balance in their cameras during the bright or sunny days. Sometimes you can also leave it on custom or manual white balance. You need to be careful while adjusting the shadows because that might distort the colour effect of the photo. For those cameras which have the histogram features it is possible to control the overexposure of the image and it is also equally important to make sure that the images are not under exposed. If you want to capture the falling snow you can use the slow shutter speed for better results. Flash can be used to fix the movement of the snowflakes. There are certain times of the day which are best for photography like during sunrise and sunset. Make optimum use of it.

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