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Christmas an eve of resurrection of Lord Christ is not just a festival
it is a mark of an era when world came to know about the persistence and omnipresence of Lord Christ. Since we understand that the majority of world population is inclined towards the Christianity the fever of Christmas that marks during the month of December foils the religious aspects of Christian which is also to be seen around the sparse population that lives within the boundary of Jammu and Kashmir.

During the time of Christmas the whole world thrives into the rhymes of carols and masses beside that they share goodwill, gifts and expect Santa Claus to sneak in late at night to surprise those innocent eyes with a gift.

Christmas in Kashmir 

The snowy atmosphere of Kashmir and an usher of Christmas during 25th December mark the fortunes of Kashmiri Christian people when they walk the street at night to reach their respective churches to smear the vistas of occasion. 

The prayers which are offered in churches during the time of Christmas is believed to have power to wash the sin of life and it is through Christmas, the Christian people enhance their chances to rescue their selves from the worldly materials and praise the glory of Lord Christ. 

The interesting part of celebrating Christmas within Kashmir is that it allows traveler and follower to witness natural snowfall to grace the occasion beside that the decorated trees which are enamel with small gift and lights beams the magic wand of Christmas. 

Holy Family Catholic Church which is located within an endowing street of Srinagar is captivated by number of local Christian people where they celebrate the birth of Lord Christ by crying prayers and enchanting hymns. An ambience of the church is worth visiting because the balloons and buntings that decorates the brilliance of the church entices people to gathers in.

Beside the grace of occasion in churches like Saint Luke’s Church, Saint Joseph’s Church etc the carols and family inters cope commence the note of Christmas. Traveler must understand that 90% of Kashmir population is occupied by Muslim people so you cannot expect the rituals of Christmas to come banging at your door with a surprise rather than that the entire scene would be casual like normal days.

How It Is Celebrated

In Kashmir the sparse population during the time of Christmas remains intact within the doors of church and home there are not much to talk about but what is more common is togetherness of family which can be trace in every quarters of world.

 Local family shares the bond with their relatives by sharing gifts and prays to almighty to grace them with his opulence beside that children’s are given new wears to rejoice their minds. 

The practice of church which is the most traditional way of celebrating Christmas is performed regularly by attending masses before Christmas and during the main eve the spiritual head of the respective church would charm the occasion with the words from bible and at the end wishes everyone Merry Christmas along with the regards of New Year. 


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