There are plenty of tourist places in Patnitop and the surrounding areas

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Patnitop is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India, on a plateau at an average elevation of

2024 ft.
The place derives its name from the pages of history which bears a pond at this place called the ‘Patan Da Talab’ by the locals because the local princess used to come and take a bath here. The English accent with time corrupted the pronunciation and hence now the place is better known as Patnitop. The pond seems to have dried up already but the beauty is still no less with scenes of the conifers, the deodar and the oak trees. This place is located at a separation of 105kms from the NH1A (Jammu – Srinagar highway).
There are plenty of tourist places in Patnitop and the surrounding areas that one can have a visit. So let us see some of these places in a bit of detail.
The Naag (Cobra) Temple
the temple is a sacred shrine for the Hindus and is visited by the tourists most of the year round. The temple is an example of the wonderful wooden architectural skills of the people of the valley and the belief here dates this temple back to 600 years in history. The belief also prohibits the pilgrims from visiting the temple after the sun goes down. During the holy festival of Naag Panchami tourists flock in thousands to this temple for celebrations. The best time to reach this place is during the warm months as the days become shivering during the winter months and also the visibility becomes very less due to dense fog.

Bahu Fort and Temple
The temple is situated by the Tawi River and is dedicated to the Hindu goddess kali, who by the locals here is known as the Bave Wali Mata. The temple again is an ancient one and as old as 3000 years and is said to be built by King Bahulochan. The temple was renovated by the Dogra rulers to preserve it sometime later as it is believed. The most visited days of the week to the temple are the Sundays and the Tuesdays.

The Bahu fort has undergone modification with time due to renovations from time to time. There is also a beautiful park here known as the Bhave-ki-Bahu from where the panoramic view of the Jammu town is clearly visible and this place has become a popular picnic spot for the tourists.
There are a few more places for the visit of the tourists like the Gaurikund, the Kud, Shiva Garh etc which are at easy reach.

Patnitop has the four distinct seasons when you can opt to visit this place. The spring fills the meadows here with millions of blossoms all over, the summer becomes the perfect season to enjoy the greenery of the hills, then the nature does some magic in the autumn season when the trees become painted in the rustic and the golden colors and finally the winter covers the valley in the carpet of snow to make it the reach out for the snow lovers.
Patnitop is all about fun and holidays so enjoy your holidays in the freshness and the cool environment. 

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