Baisakhi Festivals

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Baishaki festival which is most common in Northern parts of India is celebrated during the months of

April to address the occasion of harvest festival which relatively marks the beginning of spring season. Practice of marriage according to local people during the first month of New Year when festival of Baisakhi festival is celebrated is considered to be auspicious and ornamented. People of Northern state of India celebrates it by taking Holy dip within the celestial banks of rivers beside that they walks to the door of Gurudwara to praise the glory of their teachers.
Baishaki which is also renowned or can be spell as Vaishaki means an advent of summer. An arrival of summer in India means an opportunity for framer to plough their field to mark the successful harvest season.

Baisakhi Festival in Kashmir
The Baishaki festival in Kashmir is celebrated in a same way like the people of Punjab celebrates in their region. Traveler must understand that it is the major festival of Sikh people so traveler cannot expect to see the boom of celebration within the stretch of Kashmir because the vast section of people is lived by the Muslim community.

Baisakhi in brief marks the birth anniversary of Guru Gobibd Singh of Sikh people who is responsible for creating the Panth Khalsa of Sikhism. In Kashmir the festival is marked by series of fairs where people from all across the world comes to witness their art and craft tradition beside that the traditional performance of Bhangra and Gidda dance connotes the brilliance of occasion.

Importance of Baishaki Festival in Kashmir
As mentioned above the festival presumes to decorate the land with fertility and since India is an agriculture nation an onset of springs and festive occasion of Baisakhi marks the beginning of the new year where people of Kashmir believes to produce the best of their plantation or agriculture.
The Sikh people living within the territory of Kashmir perform the same by implying all the norms of tradition and culture. During this occasion they dress themselves in traditional attire and walks to their field to commemorate the pleasantry of fertile land with the hopes to see bright and prosperous future.

The vivid fair which is celebrated within the different parts of Kashmir reflects the diversity and the participation of Muslim people through indirect pole. An assorts of the fair marks the tradition where in you would not just have an opportunity to have moment of time but the religious and social mobilization which reflects the brotherhood and fraternity between differences can be witnessed and cherished.

As mentioned above the majority of people living here follows the patronage of Islam so again you can expect very less to see in Kashmir when it comes to propel an occasion of Baisakhi festival which in the same set is celebrated with great enthusiasm in other parts of Northern India.

Things to Note

It is an annual festival of farmers which comes once in every year which in turn leaves the hope for farmers for reaping of Rabi crops.

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