Suru Valley
Suru and Zanskar is the land
of glaciers and known for its scenic beauty all round the world. The highest peak is Pensi La which is about 4400m. Suru and Zanskar valleys are having deadly roads with lots of twists and turns and so sadly they are very less visited although being a part of Ladakh.  

How will my journey be? 
Suru and Zanskar is a place with true essence of scenic beauty where you can enjoy your journey as if it is your destination. The views which you will witness here are one of a kind. To reach Suru and Zanskar you will first have to cover a journey from Kargil to Padum which is about 230 kms drive. And driving on these roads to reach the valley is not a joke as about 190 kms of the 230 kms journey is having stones, broken roads, potholes and water crossings (because of the glaciers melting down). However, the best way to travel the Suru and Zanskar valley is by breaking down the journey at Rangdum and by doing so you will be able to reach the valley in 2 days.

After Kargil you will come across Sankoo (38 kms). And after about 24kms comes the Parakchik and the next comes Rangdum village (34 kms) which is  said to be an ideal place to break your journey as you will find home stays and cafe’s here with affordable prices.

After the Rangdum village begins the real adventure as you will reach the highest point of your journey (10-15 kms), the Kargil Padum Road. It is the ideal mountain pass to your journey as it gives you the view of beautiful mountains which have shades of brown color beneath the snow covered peaks and the green valleys. And one thing which you will spell out after witnessing the scenic beauty is “incredible”. Later you will reach the Pensi la.

About 70 kms down the Pensi la roads comes your destination the Zanskar valley which is famous for TARMAC (the best sight). Long journey isn’t it? But you actually don’t have to worry about it as the splendid views will keep you engaged.

Other places to visit:

Pibiting monastery – It is just about 2 kms away from the Padum and is a centre of attraction for the tourists.
Karsha monastery – It is the largest monastery in Zanskar and is situated about 14 kms away from Padum
Stongdey – If you still have the hunger for a breathtaking view of the valley then visit the Strongdev village (18 kms from Padum).
Zangla palace – The palace is in ruins now still you can visit it so as to get closer to the history of the valley (45 kms from Zanskar).

Local cuisine of the valley is very simple as the home stays will most probably provide you some vegetables and rice. However, do not miss the chance to have the famous Ladakhi chai (tea).

In Zanskar days shall have extreme temperatures while on the other hand nights can be freezing. It is a cold dessert in winters and so the best time to visit it is from the mid June to early September. However, carrying a thermal, sunscreen and something to cover your nose and mouth (to prevent dust) is a must.
Zanskar Valley


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