Navaratri Festivals

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The Navaratri which has different name but one objective
is celebrated all over India during the months of September/October to witness an occasion of glory of good over bad. A week long season of festivity where people across India decorates the blocks to welcome the event of auspicious is believed to bring prosperity in one’s life. The 9 days of festivity where every people would adhere to the deeds of gods would engage their mind by inviting positive vibes. 

Navratras in Jammu 
Navaratris which is celebrated throughout the nation or even outside the different section of world has distinct status and ceremonial practice. In Jammu and Kashmir the vision of 9 days which is considered to be the most celestial days of the year is celebrated within the divine guards of Vaishno Devi shrine. 

Traveler would be shock to understand that during the time of festival somewhere around 40 thousands of devotees gathers in the base camp name Katra before moving onwards to Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine for pilgrimage. It is believed that practice of pilgrimage during the season of Navaratri would bring human soul closer to the gate of salvation.

The 13 km track from Katra to Bhawani complex has been given new look and once traveler reach the walks of Bhawani complex they would start their prayers by initiating Chat Chandi path till 9 days before entering the premises of Vaishno Devi shrine where they would offer their prayers and goodwill

How It Is Celebrated

During the time of festival the whole of Vaishno Devi temple along with the base camp Katra is decorated with luminous elements to revive the glory of Navaratris. During the first day the people gathers in for ceremonial inauguration which is done by sharing prayers and offering flowers to the shrine of Vaishno devi. It is on the eve of occasion traveler would have an opportunity to witness the cultural manifesto of Dogra people. 

Evening session of festive season in Kashmir is marked with the cultural shows which are organized by the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board along with the state tourism department of Jammu and Kashmir. Beside that drama which is displayed by the local people spells the incidents of religious harmony. 

Another important feature of the festival is exhibition of Art, craft and handloom which in turn entices traveler from across the world to witness the dexterity of the festival. Wrestling competition which is an interesting part of the occasion attributes the mark of celebration where fighters from India and Pakistan battles to taste the glory.

During the first three days of the celebration in Vaishno Devi Shrine the source of Shakti Mata Durga is revoked to destroy the evil forces and the next three days is assigned to invoke the goddess of wealth Mata Laxmi where people offer their wealth to commemorate her prosperity and opulence. 

The last three days of the festival is consigned to praise the goddess of wisdom Mata Saraswati. The classification of Navaratri festival and its affluence would bring prominence and eminence in one’s life so travelers who are willing to worship the power of universe should walk the distance of Vaishno Devi during the time of Navaratri in Jammu and Kashmir to see how the power of good would have its upper hand over bad.

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