Indian Militant Again Prove Their Bravery

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Border issues and cold war
with terrorist and militant of Pakistan had always been a highlight of border confliction. Whenever the accounts of cease fire is violated our militant personal and Para-military forces are put into high alert and this time again the incidents of external aggression which was carried out by the group of extremist was witnessed.

The Border Security Force which was created in order to guard and vigilante the area of international border again proved their gallantry as they were successful to force back the motive of extremist within the Tarnah nallah area in Hiranagar sector of Kathua district.

According to sources the group of terrorist approached the border area and soon they could enact according to their motives BSF militants restricted them with a gun fire. The senior official of Border security force during interview said that they had suspected the movement of infiltration near Hiranagar sector and in response they opened fire which allowed border personal to secure the area.

According to sources the traitors must have move back to the border of Pakistan in search of life because further movement close the Indian border could have asked them to sleep a night of painful death.

The officer of Border Security force said that during their morning patrolling session in specific area they witnessed the stain of bloods which according to him bloodshed of the enemy. He further added by saying no casualties were there in our side and after this movement they have asked whole Border Security Force to keep an eye open and have given clear measures to open fire against extremist. The Tarnah Nallah region that witnessed the incident has been put into high alert and is asked to react immediately according to the situation.

Violation of ceasefire by Pakistani troops according to Army militants is a clever way to distract security forces so that they could open way for unidentified extremist to cause major problem within the area of India. The border statistics however after BJP coming into power is wave by the series of cease fire violation but thanks to our Military and Para-military soldiers who saved the life of the locals and prevented intruders to further up their intentional violence.

According to the sources the external aggression which was however negotiated by the BSF personal was an acute reaction of Pakistani militants and Jihad group against the Pakistani Prime Minister in India who failed to talk about the issues of Kashmir.
It is believed that violence over Innocent Kashmir by external aggression is a result of border disputes which is yet to be settled. Over the years many border talks had been carried out by the diplomats but the violation of cease fire either by Pakistani solider Islamic extremist had led to demoralize the border talks. The recent incident of cease fire of border confliction which was however denied by the BSF soldiers is a regular part of external aggression which needs to be stop at the earliest in order to protect the LOC of India with peace and harmony. 

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