Less Explored Exotic Travel Location in India Which Will Impress Your Heart and Soul

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India is a land with abundant
tourism potential. It’s a land with admirable beaches, affecting temples, alien rain forests, colossal mountains, abiding deserts, live cities, and the Indian peninsula creates an ultimate attraction for the travelers beyond the globe. Vivid and diverse in culture, ancestry and language, India is bestowed with affluent natural adorableness that adds to its tranquility. 

The captivating hill stations, the scintillating beaches, the unique and advantageous holy destinations, the extensive deserts, actual barrio to abreast structures and from snow capped mountains to baiter rides on the serene abjure yards; India is a land of endless opportunities for campaign who wish to explore the best and hidden glories of India.

If established destinations don’t fancy you enough, we have compiled a list of best of India travel offbeat destinations for you.

The Phuktal Monastery – Jammu and Kashmir
Phuktal Monastery or Phuktal Gompa is one of the most isolated monasteries in the south-eastern Zanskar region in Ladakh district of Jammu and Kashmir in north India. The monastery is a different architecture of mud and balk built at the access of a natural cavern on the bluff face of a crabbed gorge of a prime tributary of the Lungnak (Lingti-Tsarap) River. From a distance, the monastery looks like an enormous honeycomb. This uncommon tourist destination in the state is very famous for its unique construction style.

Gurez Valley – Jammu and Kashmir
Gurez or Gurais as well pronounced as Gorai in local Shina Language is a valley deep situated in the top Himalayas, about 86 km from Bandipore and 123 km of Srinagar in north Jammu and Kashmir, India. Situated at a distance of about 8,000 ft aloft sea level, the valley is amidst by snow capped mountains. It has assorted fauna and wildlife including the Himalayan Brown Bear and the Snow Leopard. The Neelum River flows through the valley. The alley to Gilgit and Kashmir's border with Gilgit runs through Gurez and is as well accepted as the Gurez-Gilgit transport road.

Chadar Trek – Jammu and Kashmir
Chadar Trek is one of the most adventuresome expedition routes in Leh yet. Possible only from mid January to the end of February, the 9 days trek involves bridge Zanskar River that has frozen semisolid. The route begins at cool village and takes you past an abrupt pass. While it all sounds adventuresome and actual romantic, be aware that the trek will engross sleeping in natural caves in the passes walls, walking abreast chilling, abounding river water and dagger-like icicles hanging overhead at assorted points. Thus if you are an adventure enthusiasts this trek will absolutely win your heart and soul.

Khajjar – Himachal Pradesh
Khajjiar Himachal Pradesh India is the actual admirable Hill Station in absolute north with the natural admirable breathtaking views. Khajjiar is much acclaimed in the world even the Swiss Government has awarded with Mini Swiss title for India Himachal Pradesh Khajjiar. Khajjiar is generally referred to as "Gulmarg of Himachal Pradesh". The abundant blooming meadows are endowed by dense pine and cedar forests. Grazing herds of sheep, goats and other cattle’s present a prefect pastoral scenery. There is a small lake in the centermost of the saucer shaped meadow which has in it a floating island. Much of the lake has breakable into bribery owing of abundant silting during rains. Still the mural of Khajjiar is arresting and a photographer's delight and worth place to enjoy the natural charm.

Rann of Kutch – Gujarat
The Rann of Kutch, also accepted as the Great Rann of Kutch (there's a Little Rann of Kutch as well), is an arresting abode to visit in Gujarat. It's the world's largest salt desert, stretched over 16,000 sq kilometers. What makes it even more amazing is that it's underwater during the prime monsoon season in India. For the actual eight months of the year, it's an extensive stretch of arranged white salt. The extensive stretch that is the Rann of Kutch borders the top of the Kutch district. It's best approached from Dhordo, about 86 kilometers from Bhuj, which is getting developed by the Gujarat government as the Gateway to the Rann of Kutch. Dhordo is on the bend of the Rann of Kutch. Absolutely it is stunning and not to be missed as one searching for offbeat destination on their tour packages to India.

Mattur and its twin village Hosahalli – Karnataka 
Mattur and its twin village Hosahalli are small villages amid abreast the city of Shivamogga in Karnataka state. They are not accepted because of their location, history, flora fauna etc. but are accepted for the acceptance of Sanskrit for daily communication in both the villages. Here more than 90% of the people of these villages know Sanskrit. Mattur is also home to some of the fascinating ancient Hindu temples such as Rama Mandira, a Shivalaya, Someshwara temple and Lakshmikeshava temple which enhances the beauty of this less explored places.

Chembra Lake – Kerala
Tucked away at a distance of 2,100 meters from the sea level, Chembra Peak is the highest point in Wayanad. It is situated abreast Meppady town which is about 8 km south of Kalpatta. The peak of Chembra offers a beheld treat like none other. The capital allure of the Chembra Peak is the heart-shaped Lake that lies on the route to the top of the peak. The rain keeps this lake at the top of the Chembra Peak perennial. Camping out in the accessible on the acropolis top with cool and refreshing wind crackling your tents is a delight only for trekker’s freaks “but again it is an experience of a lifetime for everyone. It will be an auspicious experience for tourists to break in acting tents beside the Chembra Lake as the sight beneath is overwhelming.

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