Inviting Shikara Ride on the Appealing Dal Lake is a Must While in Kashmir

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Often referred as Jannat,
Kashmir is truly one of the stunning destinations of Incredible India. The astounding beauty and the amusing things of the valley have never failed to charm a tourists visiting to this paradise. Enriched with number of great places of interest for the visitors, Kashmir has been attracting large number of tourist from around the globe throughout the year in and around its vicinity.

Whether it is the historical Mughal gardens or the appealing lakes, it has always been a top destination in India for honeymooners, vacationers or movie shooters from not only India but also from the overseas countries. Though there are great places of unmatched beauty, the one that has been able to grab the highest attention is the scenic Dal Lake.

Dal Lake is not only renowned for the beauty that it possess but also for its vibrant life that is exotic to any part of this globe. The houseboat and the Shikara communities have lived in this striking lake for centuries. You will see doctors to bakers all in the tiny wooden shops. Shikara which is a vivacious houseboat that voyages in and around the lovely panoramas of the Dal Lake in a seductive way is truly awe-inspiring in the sense that it is historic and full of supreme exquisiteness. The pictorial invitation of Shikara ride in the beautiful and captivating lake is a must while on a tour to Kashmir.

The seclusion which the ride emits is a promising form of earthy beauty and as a lover of nature it would be an offense to miss board a Shikara. The best thing about a ride on Shikara is that it enables you to discover almost everything in and around the historic Dal Lake at a glance as many things in the past years has been built around the vicinity of this lake including the Nishat Bagh, Shalimar gardens and Hazratbal mosques which are directly accessible from a Shikara.

You can also spot white breasted Kingfishers as they try to impress you with their birdie skills. This man made water body comprises of willow rods, reeds, marine vegetations and humus including of mud from the bottom of the lake thus the presence of lizards, frogs, grasshoppers and mice are the main source of food for birds like Kingfisher which are attracted to the lake.    

The best time to relish a Shikara ride is during the evening hours of a day when you can witness the amazing grandeur of nature at its best with the glittering rays of the setting sun sprinkling all its influence on the lake which look no less than a canvas painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. As you voyage forward on your wooden boat you will be overwhelmed by the vintage look of the sun as it pierces the clouds and reaches the wooden boat to wish you a very pleasant evening. So, for the best moment make sure to enjoy this stupidly fantastic boat ride at dusk.

Tip: If you are with your loving partner than make sure to sing a bollywood duet song that matches your love life to bring a perfect sense to the evening.

Best time to Visit: The best time to visit this place is during the months of summer as a boat ride won’t be possible during the winter season as the entire lake turns in to a body of frozen ice. But the rarity of the frozen lake can be another curiosity for you to visit the Dal Lake as you won’t see this natural phenomenon often in your life.

Note: Do not forget to carry a camera so as to capture the unforgettable moments that you spend while on a Shikara ride.

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