Historical Khanqah Mosque of Srinagar

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A place where one can review
a spiritual fact of almighty settles in a beauty of Srinagar, a historical Khanqah Mosque of Shah Hamdan is one of the pristine and beautiful creations of 13th century. A historic ideal was made by Shah Sikandar to honor the visit of Mir Sayyid Ali Hamdani, beautifully located at the sight of Jhelum river, is a beautiful construction and it is also one of the oldest shrines in Kashmir a pure courtesy of Shah Hamdan. 

Mir Syed Ali Hamdani he was a Muslim saint who had a keen interest to preach Islam and he did so during his time at Kashmir, so to commemorate his kind legacy a pure inspirational structure is formed, which may look old but the beauty and its class challenges a beauty of modern construction.

On the death anniversary of Mir Syed Ali Hamdani, millions of devote gathers around to salute and pay a heed to his dignity. Shine bears a beautiful wooden interiors, carving inside are just magnificent determines a heroic and skillful art and craft.
Religious sermons and historical inscription bears a level volume that speaks a culture and their wisdom, amazing serenity and the beautiful structure has made this place a gem of a Srinagar. Sayyid Ali Hamdani was a man who introduced Kashmiris with a Persians and as a result they developed their skills in making the beautiful carpets which is now a most prolific art and the designed that embryos here are just an art of brilliance.
A two storied mosques built and destroyed many times during an infliction of fire, it was destroyed three times but again constructed and today it stands splendid and beautiful. Shrines and mosque in Kashmir are built with a low pattern of architecture, which includes a pavilion so that they can cry their prayers in a wide space, with an approximate square of 23 meter on each side, it’s gently sloped, pyramedal and two storied edifice.
Differentiating each tier by a pyramidal roof it is mostly craved by a wood works it is just a mind-blowing art of that time. The first tier has double cloisters passage running continuously around the building, the only break being for the canopied main doorway, the second tier is a gallery that envisage the 4 side of a main structure.
The pyramidal roof of the second tire is an open pavilion which is decorated with pyramidal spire, spire on its base projected triangular attractive window on each face and has a golden end ornamental the zenith.
Roofs are covered with a decorative flower which makes the mosque a delight foe an eye, the building sachet is made of square logs set in alternate courses, which creates a gorgeous outline on both the peripheral and internal of the building.
The walls of prayer hall are made in a way to allure a beauty and at the center a huge wall makes this hall, a hall of fame. The chamber of tomb is a piece of an art one must pay a visit here to understand and reveal a beauty of sensation.

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