Khilanmarg- Valley of Meadows

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Khilanmarg is a small and beautiful
valley positioned at a distance of 6km away from the world’s highest, 18-hole green golf course at Gulmarg. It is obtainable by foot, by pony or in a dandi. It's a 600-metre climb from Gulmarg to Khilanmarg and throughout the premature spring, as the snow defrosts, it can be a very swampy hour's rise up the hill. If it’s glassy than the climb you mounted will be merited with a breath taking view of the Nanga Parbat to the 7100 meter twin mountains Nun and Kun to the southeastern side. You won’t feel sorry for yourself if it isn’t visible too, because the pasturage, floored with flowers in the spring, is the spot for Gulmarg's wintry ski runs and provides a handsome view over the Kashmir Valley.

Various Magnetisms in and Around Khilanmarg:
Ferozpore Nallah: Arrived from the Tangmarg road, or from the external Circular Walk, this mountain brook joins the Bahan River at a famous picnic location popularly known as 'waters meet'. The brook is purported to be meticulously good for trout fishing; which is about 5 km downcast the valley from Gulmarg but utterly adjacent to Tangmarg. The river can be achieved by walking 3-km down the channel from the blank adjacent to Tangmarg and then drifting southern side along the forest, downcast ascent towards the brook.

The Ningli Nallah: This beautiful mountain brook flows from the thawing snow and ice on Apharwat and Alpather and is positioned at a distance of 8 km from Gulmarg. The brook endures downcast into the valley beneath and meets the Jhelum River near Sopur. This lengthy green valley is a standard picnic arena and when you cross the Ningli Nallah by a bridge and advances on to Khilanmarg, another green lea will be achieved which is a better spot for camping.

Tomb of Baba Reshi / Ziarat of Baba Reshi: This Muslim tomb is on the descent below Gulmarg and can be reached from both of Gulmarg and Tangmarg. The tomb is of a popular Muslim saint who died here in 1480. Before sacrificing worldly ways he was a squire of the Kashmir King Zain-ul-Abidin. Thousands of pilgrims and devotees come here yearly to pay their offerings no matter of the trust they conceive in.

Alpather Lake: Located 13km away from Gulmarg at the bottom of the couple 4, 511 meter Apharwat peaks, that lake remains arctic up to mid-June and even afterwards in the year one can see clumps of ice gliding in its icy waters. The walk from Gulmarg accompanies a well-stratified Pony passage through the 3, 810 meter Apharwat ridge, disjoining it from Khilanmarg, and then up the valley to the lake at 3,843 meters. For horse riding follower, Alpather Lake makes an electrifying day's excursion, beginning in sunrise and returning late after sun dawn. Daring trekkers can mount direct up the boulder-strewn hillside of the groove and dismount the further sideway to the path.
There are several other attractions which you can enjoy with your family or with your loved ones. 

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