Dha-Hanu;The Land of Aryans

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These villages are well-known
as ‘the Land of Aryans’. These indo Aryan people, known as Brogpas, reside in the fertile valleys of Dha and Hanu. According to popular belief, their ancestors were a group of soldiers from Alexander’s army who lost their way while recurring to Greece after the war with Porus. They settled in these villages since it is the only fertile valley in Ladakh. The inhabitants of these villages are of Drokpa or Brokpa community in Ladakh, located about 163 km northwest of Leh at the union of rivers Shyok and Indus in Kargil region in Jammu and Kashmir. Dha and Hanu are the only two villages that tourists are allowed to visit out of number of Brokpa villages. As these villages are situated on a lower altitude, they experience a climate that is little warmer than that of Leh. Therer are many tourist spotes around Kashmir. for more, 

One of the major attractions of these villages is a chance to have a sight into the life of the Drokpa community. People living in these villages are completely different from the other local inhabitants of Ladakh. They are physically, ethnically, linguistically and socially different from the other communities of Ladakh. The culture and religious practices of these people are very similar to ancient pre-Buddhist religion identified as Bon-Chos but their customs are very similar to those of Hindu Brahmins. The tour of this place can be done in two days with one night stay in tent.
Brokpas have ensured to retain their characteristic features by their tradition of marrying within the society. However such a tradition of marrying within the community has limited the population of this community.
Their ancient customs and way of life are fairly conserved through their songs and hymns. One of the descriptions of their tradition is an ibex hunt and the ibex is especially sacred to them.
These villages of the Brokpas are also famed for their picturesque magnificence. Unlike the neighboring landscapes of Ladakh, the Brokpa villages have more green cover. Climate of these villages is also higher compared to other parts of Ladakh which has also led to the prosperous vegetation. Temperature of this place reaches up to 40 degree Celsius during summer.

Tourism in Dha Hanu, is not that fashionable but one can pay a visit to get a glimpse of Drokpa community, its celestial and natural beauty. The place is a military region and one needs permission to visit Dha Hanu, which is easily accessible from a travel agent in Leh.
Places to See Around Dha-Hanu:
Nubra Valley: Nubra Valley is located at a high altitude. It is a tri-armed valley located in the north east of Ladakh valley. The place is known for its scenic beauty. The main tourist attractions of this place are villages like Diskit, Hundur and Panamik.
Leh: Leh was once the capital of the Himalayan kingdom of Ladakh, now the Leh District in the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir. Old monasteries, royal palaces and conventional houses make up for the main tourist attractions of this place.

Other two major tourism places around Dha Hanu are Srinagar and Kargil which are also quite famous among tourists. 

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