Water Skiing in Kashmir

Kashmir is a place that
has been compared to the heavens above due to the immense beauty it beholds. It is a place that many call “Paradise on Earth”, and when visited it seems to be a name that has rightfully been given. The landscapes that are filled with wonders of beauty such as the undulating hills covered in forests, the horizons painted white with snow, the still lakes reflecting the azure skies, the well carved houseboats gliding through the waters, the silence and peace that charms the valley, the chirping of the birds colouring the air, the blossoming gardens giving fragrance to the breeze blowing and much more makes this a land that is not less than what paradise would be

The state is a hub for tourism and one of the best known places to be in any season. There are many things to indulge in when here apart from the local sightseeing activities. Of the many things to do when in Kashmir adventure sports is one of the most exciting, thrilling and rejuvenating things to do. Rafting, fishing, waterskiing and trekking are some of the adventure sports that you can try out here.  
The state has some of the best known nature trails and all of them have their own uniqueness in the type of scenic beauty expressed. The treks can be arranged according to your budgets and likes. The time period of your nature exploration treks can be from a few hours to a few days. 

The state is best known for its lakes and houseboats other than the scenic landscapes. Therefore to miss it would be considered a void trip to Kashmir. Since the waterways of the valley are so well known one should definitely take away memories pertaining to them. The water related activities such as waterskiing is really popular here. The summer season sees the unfreezing of lakes giving them the potential to host water sports. The Dal Lake, the Manasbal Lake, the Bod-dal and the Nagin lakes are all well known places to water ski.
Water skiing is similar to that of surfing but a much more exciting sport to take part in. The sport has a wide range of tricks that you can show off if you are good at it. The diverse ways to flaunt your talent and skill in this particular sport gives it an edge over the others.
One can hire out motorboats, motor launches, skies and even instructors when here. You can take training lessons from the instructors if you are new to the sport. This sport is a fairly easy one if you can keep you balance and have a good presence of mind. If you are sceptical about the privately run training institutions there is also a government run facilities.
Other than the water skiing activity rafting is one that makes a great adventure sport. The river Indus provides a great platform to experience this particular activity. The fast flowing Indus is an exciting as well as a great place to raft because the scenes that one comes across it too add to the pleasure. Rafting in Ladhak is altogether a new and grand experience as it passes through a mountainous desert. These kinds of landforms are hardly seen and therefore make great locations to raft in.
So when you are in the beauty capital of India do indulge in these activities and live a little more than daily.more info about Water Skiing in paradise on earth

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